Friday, May 09, 2008

Popcorn Motivator

STATUS: I’m excited because we finally got rid of Outlook for email and our firmly Time & Chaos (Intellect) users now. The transition took most of yesterday so sorry for not blogging. We wanted to be ready for Friday.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? SILVER WHEELS by Heart

This is also a heads up that although we think we transferred everything over correctly, it’s never 100% seamless.

I’m also three weeks behind on reading the queries I need to review so don’t email us quite yet to follow up. I plan to tackle stuff over the weekend and into next week so if you haven’t heard from us yet, wait one more week and then maybe requery as an email or two might have gone astray.

This may sound odd but I actually look forward to reading queries because that’s when I allow myself to have a nice big bowl of popcorn while reading. Popcorn being one of my favorite foods. (I sometimes do this for reading sample pages as well.) When I’m editing, I need both hands to type so alas, no popcorn. When I’m just reading, buttery fingers and the kernel Chutney accidentally dropped in my lap doesn’t make a difference.

Who would have thought that popcorn could be such a great agent motivator?

So this is what I’ll be looking for in the queries I read. Since I’ve been blogging about using the plot catalyst to form your pitch, I’ll really be leaning toward letters that will grab my attention right away. I think I have 150 queries waiting for my attention. This will probably take me about 2.5 hours to read through.

So basically I’ll be reading fast—which makes it extra important to nail that pitch paragraph.